As a passionate educator with over twenty years of experience, I’ve witnessed the incredible power of math to transform lives, especially in marginalized communities. My work focuses on Equity in Mathematics, where I partner with educators and families to create learning environments that nurture curiosity and affirm identities. Together, we can challenge traditional boundaries and cultivate spaces where every child can thrive as a confident mathematician. Join me in this journey to empower our learners by embracing exploration over compliance, making a profound impact on the educational landscape.



Elly Blanco-Rowe

Equity-Driven Math Consulting

Elly Blanco-Rowe brings over 20 years of rich experience in education, wearing multiple hats as a classroom teacher, school and district leader, and expert math instructional coach. Specializing in transformative math education, she collaborates with schools to develop effective instructional systems and foster an environment where math is not just a subject, but a bridge to greater opportunities. As a dedicated mom of three, Elly integrates family engagement into her strategies, knowing that education thrives when supported by strong community and family foundations. Elly holds a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering, an MBA, a Master’s in School Leadership, and is pursuing a doctorate in equity-driven math practices.


Inspire and equip math instructional coaches and teacher leaders to be catalysts of change in the education system, empowering them to drive exceptional math learning experiences that are culturally responsive and accessible to all students, especially those from marginalized communities.


  • Elevate: Cultivate strong leadership qualities in math educators that inspire and influence positive changes within the educational system, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to excel in math.
  • Exploration: Encourage innovation in teaching methods and curricular design, fostering creative solutions that address diverse learning needs and cultural backgrounds.
  • Expertise: Commit to the continuous professional development of math coaches and teacher leaders to deepen their mastery of math concepts and pedagogy, enhancing their effectiveness as educators and mentors.
  • Engagement: Promote a collaborative culture among educators where ideas, challenges, and successes are shared openly, strengthening the collective ability to impact student outcomes.
  • Empowerment: Enable educators to make informed and autonomous decisions in their teaching, empowering them with the tools and knowledge to adapt education practices to better serve all students.
  • Equity: Support math leaders to become advocates for equitable math education, ensuring that every child’s educational rights and needs are not only recognized but actively championed.

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Expect Equity – Get Results

I was very inspired by my coaching experience with Elly. She has a deep passion for facilitating professional learning and engaging with teachers in deep inquiry around mathematical concepts. My math instruction grew exponentially from my work with her- from navigating students’ mindsets around math more skillfully to prioritizing math talk as a consistent practice, to exposing all children to rich grade-level content while meeting individual students’ foundational needs. In addition to Elly’s leadership as a math educator and coach, Elly cares deeply about the well-being of teachers and learners. She engages in supportive conversations and connects with care. Working with Elly was a transformative experience for me as a seasoned teacher and I am deeply grateful.

Meredith Schrader

For years, since I was a child, I had what I would call math trauma. As a child, I feared and hated math. As an elementary school teacher, I had so much anxiety around teaching math, until I started working at Heketi. Elly is one Mathematician who helped changed my perspective on teaching math. In our curriculum planning sessions, we focused on addressing Common Core Standards, addressing and planning for students’ misconceptions, and identifying how these concepts are relevant in the day-to-day life of students. My big takeaways from working with Elly: If you want students to think critically about math, be flexible with multiple strategies, understand the difference between process over steps, and have fun while solving math, then Elly can help you strengthen these areas. She was always easily accessible, and I always enjoyed our math talks. I hated teaching math because of how it was taught to me as a kid, and I was not confident in the content I was teaching. Elly will help you unpack and move beyond math trauma.

Lavern Paul

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